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I'll Never Grow Up: The Bare Necessities Of Planning Your Disneyland Vacation


Travel agent and author Renee Tsang discusses her new book and gives some tips on planning your next vacation to Disneyland.

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2019 Travel Year in Review

Wendy Paradis, President of ACTA (Association of Canadian Travel Agencies) discusses some of the top stories that affected the travel industry in 2019.

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Loyalty Programs for the All-Inclusive Vacationer

Rewards Founder, Patrick Sojka dispels the notion that travel loyalty programs are for flights primarily and shows you how to make the most of them to help you save on all-inclusive packages or even to get them for free.

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Ryan's Castle, AB

The ultimate accommodation for those looking for a Downton Abbey experience. The Castle is situated 15 minutes northwest of St. Albert on 160 acres. Your accommodations are located in the main part of the Castle and include a well-appointed bedroom decorated for a King and Queen and a large indoor private pool for your use only.

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Bike Hike Adventures

BikeHike Adventures, specializes in small group multi-sport adventures, creating tours to help you actively explore by bike, foot, kayak and more and to immerse you in a destination. 

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The Garland Hotel, Los Angeles CA

Time has only improved this iconic Hollywood boutique hotel in the heart of LA. Today, The Garland has been reimagined and renovated with a hip new restaurant, cool décor, manicured outdoor parks, and fresh ideas.  

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Venice Beach With Walking Tours LA

Indulge in the free-spirited Venice Boardwalk.  This bohemian beach town boasts a funky boardwalk, pier, skate park, and the famous Muscle Beach. Tour the canals and Abbot Kinney all while soaking in the culture, history and stories of this historic town.

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Plaza Premium Group

Plaza Premium Group is the pioneer and industry leader in providing Premium Airport Services in over 160 locations of 42 international airports across the world, with a collective goal of ‘enhancing your airport experience’.

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Top Destination Ideas for 2020

Travel Writer Natalie Preddie discusses some of the top destination ideas for 2020 and a few surprisingly family-friendly 

destinations as well.

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Airport Security Tips From CATSA

Whether you are at a regular screening line or at a CATSA Plus screening line, CATSA, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority offers some tips to make the screening process less stressful and more efficient for everybody.

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Unique Travel Gifts

Sometimes you just don’t know what to buy the people on your Christmas list. If you’ve got a traveler in your life or know someone planning a trip during or after the holidays, Travel Writer Jody Robbins has some unique ideas for travel gifts.

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Castle Mountain Ski Resort, AB

Castle Mountain Resort is owned and operated by skiers who are driven by adrenaline, not profit. They believe in dry powder snow, in challenging terrain and that the right combination of those elements will provide experiences of a lifetime for those who live to ski.

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Le Monastere Des Augustines,

Quebec City Que.

Enjoy a memorable experience among the walls of the Augustine Monastery, site of the first hospital in America, north of Mexico. Completely restored and refurbished, the Monastery offers visitors a unique experience in global health and living contact with the heritage of the Augustinians. 

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10 Things You Need To Do For A Perfect Day At Forillon National Park

Travel Writer Carol Patterson shares her experience in Forillon National Park on the tip of Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula. It’s a maritime culture wrapped with big forests and beaches with enough fun to keep you going for several days.

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Florida Keys & Key West

The Keys are rich in arts & culture, yet if you crave the wild outdoors, our guided eco-tours, walking trails, environmental centers and a plethora of green travel initiatives will satisfy.

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Informed Traveler SEG 1 (Dec. 1/19)

Tips For Booking Travel Online

The most daunting part of booking a trip online is the overwhelming number of options to choose from. Travel expert Russell Hannon offers some tips to save you time and money.

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Surviving Civil Unrest – When Travel Takes You to a Riot

Social unrest and riots can happen at any time. Knowing how to deal with civil unrest is an important travel tool. Travel Writer and Blogger Sue Slaght offers some tips and advice on what to do before you go and at your destination.

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Stressfree Holiday Travel Tips

Zentrepreneur, mindful leadership expert, and award-winning author, John J. Murphy offers ups some helpful tips on how to relieve the stress of traveling through the holidays.

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Hotel Figueroa, Los Angeles CA

Taylor Cole, host of Hotel Hunt TV gives her review of the Hotel Figueroa, one of the longest-standing hotels in Downtown Los Angeles. With 268 rooms & suites spread over 14 floors and a coffin-shaped pool nestled within a botanical oasis in L.A.’s most dynamic neighborhood, Hotel Figueroa is as renowned for its substance as for its style.

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New York City

A trip to New York City is the experience of a lifetime. With famous attractions like Times Square, Central Park, the Empire State Building and Yankee Stadium—to name just a few—NYC packs more to see and do into one compact area than any other place on earth. Each of the City’s five boroughs contains its own roster of must-see destinations, great restaurants, cultural hot spots and unforgettable activities. 

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Unique Stays From

In a bid to showcase just how fun and extraordinary an accommodation can be, the has been offering highly creative exclusive listings all over the world. Keep your eyes peeled for the next one.

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Despite the impact of Hurricane Dorian. officials from the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism want travelers to know that they are open for business.


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Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Jasper AB

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is a 700 acre year-round luxury mountain resort which wraps around the shores of the pristine lake "Lac Beauvert" and Canada's #1 Golf Resort Course. Offering guests unique access to explore the natural environment of the hotel in Jasper National Park.


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County Meath, Ireland

Travel Writer and Blogger Paual Worthington share her experience exploring the area of County Meath, located north of Dublin. This area is called Ireland's "Ancient East" and was also the birthplace of Halloween.

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Tips For Visiting Overseas Memorials

Visiting commemorative sites outside of Canada can be an emotional, life-changing experience. To help you get the most out of your visit, Veterans Affairs Canada have put together some helpful information and advice.

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75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland Tour

On May 5, 2020 Holland will enjoy and celebrate 75 years of Liberation.
Welcome Again Veterans Foundation will organize a pilgrimage for the families of the Canadians who participated in Holland’s liberation with a special welcome to the descendants of veterans who are invited to stay with a Dutch family.

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Visiting the D-Day Landing Memorials

Freelance Travel Writer Catherine Van Brunschot shares her recent experience visiting the various museums and memorials surrounding the D-Day landing in Normandy, France.


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